Monday, June 1, 2020

The Saturday Sale Reminders, Group Chat, and Facebook Rules


It has come time to put together the chat rules and reminders here on our blog and it is also distributed in our group and Facebook. We're going to try to keep this short and simple and answer all the common FAQ's and what we expect out of our shoppers chat and Facebook. This will go out regularly and will be updated as needed.

Our mission here at Saturday Sale is to offer you a friendly, safe, and enjoyable shopping experience for reasonable budget friendly prices. In order to do that, we need you to do your part too in understanding our operation.

Reminders - 

1. We follow Pacific Standard Time - Same as SL does since they are located in California, USA. We know you're all on different time zones but please know this is something simple for all those working in SL to understand.

*** We do have a system and team behind the notecard and Facebook. Designers have a deadline, they submit their info one by one and then we take the time to put together one by one in that very notecard for you. It does take time and what is included in the notecard next to each store is what we ask for from them to make your shopping experience easier for your body type/decor preferences. We take your feedback and strive to improve your experience. ***

2.  The notecard goes out on a Friday Night in Pacific Standard time after 9:00pm It's never before thise time due to to the above statement as this is the SATURDAY SALE. With our group as large as it is -- You'll need to manually look in the SATURDAY SALE SHOPPERS group notice if you missed it at the time of its release. We're all on different viewers as well so please get familiar with your viewer preferences.

Store Names, Landmark, SLURLS, Ad Photos, and Product Descriptions are listed for each store in that order. Landmarks Fix for Firestorm is located on the bottom of the sales notecard but copying and pasting the SLURL into local chat to click will also take you there as well as the store name on the gallery post.

3. The Saturday Sale itself is the 24 hour duration of Saturday in Pacific Standard Time -

The sale itself starts at 12:00am or 00:00 Pacific Standard time officially and is meant for only the 24 hours duration of Saturday in Pacific Standard TimeIf a designer isn't ready when the notecard is given out, please check back as we're all on different time zones. Designers are asked for their item to be out for those 24 hours. However, the choice is up to them to leave it out longer if they wish so you may find something on Sunday if lucky. We're not responsible if you miss something and we're sorry if you do.

3. The items are also up to them as well - they have the choice to issue a new, previous, or recolored item. The item must be 50-75L.

4. While our sale notecard is for items between 50-75L - if a store has a special promotion such as a sale in their store - We will include it regardless - their sale is their own and doesn't need to follow the 50-75L rule to be shared.

5. If a problem occurs with an item - please directly contact the staff of that store in question - our designers and their staff prefer notecards as messages do cap. Please allow them 24 hours to get back to you. TSS staff can't assist with re-deliveries, failed purchases, or refunds. We only bring the event for you all to shop for great prices. The store you purchased from can only do such things, it's their store and you're their customer. Please don't take any issues to our group chat in frustrations - things happen but it can be resolved outside the chat. If you feel the need to contact TSS Staff for help in hearing back from a designer - please do ask in chat if any TSS staff is available to assist you.


Chat & Facebook Rules:

Group chat should be TSS Topics only

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST - We're all human and mistakes happen! If you notice one anywhere and we mean anywhere with one of our designers and their items' packaging/huds/demo etc.. - Contact them or TSS Staff directly ASAP PRIVATELY (Zimbgirl Resident and Bubblez Lemon). DO NOT report said mistake in our chat at all. Failure to comply with this rule will result in further action we really don't want to do but in order to protect the representation of our mission here at Saturday Sale - we have to. Asking questions about the item itself is perfectly fine, however if unsure if something is truly suppose to be, then please ask privately.

2. POSITIVE VIBES - Under NO circumstances do we tolerate bashing/bullying/name-calling/ or fighting of any kind whether it be to each other, to a brand, to a designer, or an event. Your opinions are valid but are to stay out of our chat and Facebook. You may not like something in the sale and that's okay - please just move on. Agree to disagree. If we see chat getting out of hand, we will ask for it to be taken to private, if we need to give more than two warnings, we will simply handle the incident as what is best during that time. As the saying goes - SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING - please never engage in what may seem like an argument in our chat or provoke it to go further - contact TSS Staff asap if we seem to be offline and we will handle it as soon as we can!

Overall, we ask for respect and to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

If you can help a chat member - please do so and if not please just move on - it's okay but we ask to not disrespect them whether or not you agree with what they have asked.

3. Absolutely NO Spam - we understand mistakes happen but please no spam (dj sets, parties, marketplace, gachas, blog posts, lucky letters, midnight madness, personal businesses, etc). Our designers and staff are marked as bold and are allowed to spam their Saturday Sale item in chat and on Facebook. Facebook posting is moderated and such posts aren't accepted.

Comments Grief on Facebook posts will not be tolerated, please read what the designer is offering and try their demo before voicing your issue in a comment please. Contact them privately if needed or ask them in comments to check their notecards, messages, etc... so that they know.

Please note: If you were accepted on the Facebook page which is for everyone to see and shop their favorites, does not mean you were accepted into participating in the sale, please understand this. We are currently full as an event and working through our wait list and it's long. If you're interested in the event - please visit our application here: The Saturday Sale Application, your patience is important and appreciated.

* Please note that the only affiliated bloggers to cover Saturday Sale is *
Saturday Sale is not looking for bloggers and DOES NOT have any assigned video bloggers to cover our sale. We do recommend going through the notecard or the galleries for the most accurate information. To avoid confusion - Please don't promote youtube links or blogger names publicly in our chat - privately is fine among your own personal messages.

Our Chat Mods are Lili Page,Doc Mercury, and Rhapsody Lyric - they are very attentive and available during the weekends to assist the chat. Feel free to ask them anything. They also can't offer refunds or re-deliveries but can offer assistance in directing you where to go and how to get your item(s).

4. To avoid confusion with any other events - we ask that the chat sticks to the topic of that weekend's sale and items. Please make sure the items and stores you refer to are those in Saturday Sale and not confused with another weekend event. We also know that recommendations are asked for - that's fine also, we just ask that the chat as a whole steer in the direction of the sale. If links outside Saturday Sale need to be shared, please do so privately.

5. Chat is on during the duration of the weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday night (Pacific Time) to simply reduce spam and make the event more enjoyable.

Last but not least - Happy Shopping!

How to contact us personally?

Please contact Zimbgirl Resident or Bubblez Lemon by message or notecard labeled TSS HELP - YOUR NAME, we're more than able to assist you.

Thank You!